FaQs. General Information

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I placed an order but haven’t received confirmation yet.

We believe in being 100% transparent as a company and we want to deliver the best customer service at all times. Our customer service team and fulfillment team work remotely across the globe and process incoming orders within the first 3 hours. Post that, the fulfillment team reviews the legitimacy of the payment in accordance with Anti-Money Laundering and Fraud Protection. The team then process the payment and order which can take up to 3-7 working days. This is to ensure that we follow on your behalf the strictest process.

We will send you an order confirmation within 3-7 working days followed by order fulfilment and shipping dates with tracking information.

Rest assured, your order is in good hands.

Why is my order being shipped in different packages?

If you have a multi-item order, each item may be shipped from the a different international warehouse, depending on which one has them available the fastest. Alternatively, if an item is popular and on a bit of a back order, we might ship your items at different times, in different packages, to prevent holding up your order and to get it to you as fast as possible.

Also note that the packages may contain price of the product much lower than what you initially paid for in order to smoothly pass through customs and excise.

Please read the Shipping Policy for more details.

I have placed my order but the payment didn't go through. Why?

Sometimes payment don’t go through for variety of reason, the most major being internet connection, payment gateway issues between the local bank and payment gateway and wrong card information provided. Although these happen rarely, it is advisable to check your card details once thoroughly before submitting for payment.

I have been charged twice on my statement. Why?

If this had happened to you, please reach us on support@quraly.com or Facebook Messenger with the order invoice snapshot with the bank statement snapshot. We will refund if you have been charged twice or more for a single order placements.

I haven’t received any shipping confirmation with tracking ID yet.

We will send you a shipping confirmation within 3-7 working days of order confirmation followed by tracking information.

I have received damaged or wrong items. What do I do now?

Please take a snapshot of the item and mail it to support@quraly.com with the invoice. Please mention the email headline to be in the following format:

[Order Invoice Number XXXXXX] Received Damaged / Wrong Item.

You can also send us the same in Facebook Messenger.

Please read the Return Policy for more details.

Can I insert a message for items that I am going to gift?

We do not process separate packaging message or wrapping for gift items at this moment.

Who can I contact for changing orders?

Please reach us at support@quraly.com or Facebook Messenger within the first 4 hours of placing order with the following subject line in email:

[Order Number XXXXX] Request to Change Order

You can also send us the same in Facebook Messenger.

If your order has not been processed or shipped, we will help change your orders. Unfortunately, we are unable to cancel/change your orders once it has been processed and/or shipped.