Quraly Passion

The Q Story

It’s the Crazies And Misfits That Change The World. Nope, we didn’t say that – Steve Jobs did. And when we looked deep into ourselves, we found that we are not normal as we thought to be.

But who are we? We, Abhishek and Arthur, are two friends with opposite tastes. One’s a designer (Arthur) and the other is a self proclaimed minimalist geek (Abhishek). The only thing we really have in common is a taste for things that make us – DIFFERENT.

Thus, we decided to bring ‘Different’ to the world – Through Quraly. We burned the midnight oil to figure the true nature of aspirationals like us – To Stand Out and Not Blend In. Thus we began the hunt for cool stuff that Millenials, like us, would love – at Home, At Work, With Friends and most importantly – ‘Be’lieving in ‘You’rself.

We are incredibly grateful and thankful to you (As you are reading this) to let us be a part of your journey. Help us serve you and be a part of your aspirations and dreams.

Feel like saying ‘Hi’? Drop us a note at : hello@quraly.com (We love emails!)


Abhishek Bhalla

Chief Sensei
Co Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Born in the ruins, I always wanted to climb from the slimy muck to transcendent heights of self-actualization. In love with all people & things beautiful, I aspire to deliver life to you, beautiful people, in a beautiful box smattered with badass crass of superior entertainment.

I don't do normal. An unreasonable rebel at heart with an insatiable appetite for retro-newism, I feed off energy. My soul-drug is attention to beautiful things with a purpose to transform character - at homes, in people.

I’m a huge subscriber of Ikigai - The reason to jump out of bed everyday. The reason for being. I want to help people achieve Ikigai. Period.


Arthur Lim

Art Chief
Co Founder & Chief Design Officer

With a name that starts with "art", one can wonder if my destiny as a designer was already written in the stars.

An eternal seeker, I'm a believer that life is a never ending quest. Maybe that’s why I am a romantic for epic journeys. Once a year I set off on my own adventure across the plains and mountains of exotic places like in Peru, Iceland and Ladakh to get my dose of epic-ness.

I'm a strong believer of karma. Give and you shall receive. Quraly is a personal quest to share small doses of daily kickass and beauty with everyone. And although I've no idea what I'll receive in return, I got a feeling it's going to be pretty awesome!