WOO-MEN! These SS18 Fashion Trends Will Make You Stop Traffic!

WOO-MEN! These SS18 Fashion Trends Will Make You Stop Traffic!

Spring it’s already upon us and with it comes the opportunity and joy of wearing breezy, beautiful and color-infused pieces of clothing. Whether you’re a fashion victim or a girl who doesn’t really follow fashion trends and stay true to her inner style, inevitably or unconsciously you’ll be exposed to these trends, and what better way of embracing them by getting to know them before everyone else does. Remember always to follow your fashion instinct and wear the pieces that really fit you and your dressing style, fashion is all about having fun, and trends are just another element of fun that comes along with it.

Slick Denim

We eat, breathe and sleep in denim, ok I may be exaggerating, but denim is a huge part of our everyday fashions, being a fabric that is so comfortable and easy to pair with other pieces of clothing that it has become a staple in everybody’s wardrobe. For Spring Summer 2018 we will be seeing lots of denim but in a revisited version of the early 2000’s polished and “dressed up” pieces every cool girl was wearing back then, so forget about punk rock destroyed denim and embrace elegant dark selvedge jeans, and other pieces like trench coats, trucker jackets and even tailored pieces like blazers, suits and all kinds of dresses.

Crayons Enthusiast

This season’s color palette will be infused with bright pops of primary colors, from bold reds and eye-catching yellows, to flashes of green and everything from pink to purple, just like the crayon pencils you used to color with as a child but more vivid and vibrant than ever before.

Trench Coats As Dresses

Everybody’s favorite piece when it comes to rain season clothing, the trench coat has been a fashion staple since it’s first appearances during World War 1 and through the 70’s when Burberry made it famous and a must have piece. For Spring 2018 the trench coat has been pimped up by designers as glamorous dresses full of volume and fancy applications such as flower embroideries and metallic pieces, and re-invented via tailoring techniques and deconstruction. An easy way of wearing this trend is by combining it with basic pieces such as jeans, sneakers and white tees for a street take of this glamorous idea.

Life in Plastic

Expect to see see-through vinyl everywhere this upcoming season, from transparent trench-coats to futuristic plastic dresses and accessories ranging from bags to shoes and everything in between. This trend is really one to have fun with thanks to it’s playfulness and bold aesthetic, so don’t be shy of rocking this 90’s inspired trend, whether you go bold and flashy with a plastic coat or low key with a clear handbag, everyone will be screaming plastic is fantastic!

Now that you’ve heard everything you need to know to stay cool this Spring and Summer season we wanna hear from you, which of the trends was your favorite? Which one is making you drool? Let us know in the comments section!

Words: Rubén Castilla de la Vega
Images via Pinterest

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