This Dad-Core Trend Will Make You Look Slick this Summer 2018!

This Dad-Core Trend Will Make You Look Slick this Summer 2018!

Who knew that borrowing your dad’s and even your grandpa’s wardrobe basics would actually become cool one day? Well that day has arrived, and unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of years, I’m sure you’re already aware of this infamous trend that is taking over all of the fashion weeks and streets around the world! In case you’re a little bit in doubt on how to wear the dadcore look, we’ve got your back and came up with a couple of style tips and tricks you can mix in within your daily looks and make the most uncool things look dope!

Tuck your t-shirt!

This may be one of the easiest ones to achieve, I mean who would have thought this old man move would actually look this rad! We’ve seen everyone rocking this style trick; from A$AP Rocky, to Brooklyn Beckham and even the ex president of the United States of America Mr. Obama (ok maybe he did it unintentionally!), this one is definitely something you need to try! The only trick for achieving this look is pairing your basic tucked in tee with a vintage looking pair of jeans and belt and ta-dah you will be looking even more rad than your old man!

Dad Sneakers

We’ve seen them on the runways of Paris Fashion Week with the likes of Vetements and Balenciaga first, but now every brand out there seems to be riding along the ugly sneaker train! Even though this designer dad looking shoes may be a little bit out of everyone’s budget, we luckily have all of the affordable sportswear brands to turn to, with brands like Adidas and Reebok re-booting a lot of their dad’s vintage classics giving a big chance to the masses to rock the dad trend! Pair your kicks with a pair of oversized jeans and throw the tucked in tee trick into the mix and you’re good to go!

Fanny Packs

The ugliest most infamous accessory of the 90’s is back and with the biggest most stylish strength ever! Fanny packs were your uncle’s favorite accessory during the 90’s thanks to it’s convenient use and comfy way to be worn, unfortunately middle age men and women were the ones that loved sporting this item, turning it into something that probably would have came out of fashion hell! During the 2000’s its ugly reputation became even stronger making it a big no no for everyone out there. You can now actually wear fanny packs and look fresh thanks to its new stylish re-invention. From leather to canvas, with big brand logos and even plain ones, fanny packs are the hottest bag of the moment. Give it a little bit of an edge and wear it across your chest instead of your waist and you’ll be fresher than fresh prince of Bel-Air!

Mixing all of these style tips with other dad household items like Hawaiian shirts, ugly looking specs and baseball caps will upgrade your spring and summer wardrobe making you look like straight out of Seinfield or the Silicon Valley looking even better than Mr., Steve Jobs!

Words: Rubén Castilla de la Vega
Images via Pinterest

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