These SS18 Menswear Trends Will Make You Look Rad!

These SS18 Menswear Trends Will Make You Look Rad!

Summer is here and with it comes the arrival of a bunch of new fashion trends cool kids will want to follow!! We’ve seen them first on the runways and before they hit the streets and pretty much every fast fashion store out there, we want you to know them by heart so you’ll know what to get on your next spring/summer shopping spree! So if you’re as fashion-obsessed as we all are at the Quraly offices, you’ll be loving this SS18 inside scoop and will probably incorporate some of these trends into your Spring/Summer wardrobe!

Colorful Suits

We all know that a basic all black suit can be SO boring! Thankfully designers and fashion houses got our backs this season, turning your plain typical two-piece suit into a bright colorful jolly rancher! Double-breasted blazers paired with wide leg pants have turned fiercer in a wide variety of tropical, pastel and metallic colors; ranging from dust pink, bright purple, and gold ensembles. I know this particular trend can be a little bit daring and overwhelming if you’re a regular low key kind of guy but c’mon who wouldn’t want to take their inner Tony Montana during a fun summer night? I mean you only live once!


Looking like a gas station employee never looked this good! Jumpsuits have been on every girl’s style radar for years now, and we think it was about time this sick onesie piece has made its way into the trendiest menswear runways! Denim, plaid and botanical printed ones; there’s one jumpsuit for every guy out there! Ok ok, not everyone will be wearing these, but on a fun note jumpsuits have arrived to actually make our lives easier, I mean just having to wear one piece of clothing while looking sick instead of mixing and matching different ones? It’s basically dressing up for dummies!

Hawaii Heaven

This upcoming Spring / Summer season you’ll be dreaming of beautiful sunsets, parties at the beach and a big piña colada thanks to the big Hawaiian inspiration you’ll be seeing on a lot of different fashion items! From bold and colorful printed Hawaiian shirts to the shortest shorts, bucket hats and tropical graphics; surf’s up and you’ll be riding style waves while rocking this Elvis inspired trend! Even though Hawaiian prints and graphics may seem like a little bit too much, you don’t have to worry about looking like a douche since you can actually pair one of these bold shirts with a pair of baggy jeans and sneakers! Tiki Perfection!


Normcore got perfected and you’ll want to raid your dad and uncle’s closet for achieving this highly hyped look! From hip-hop stars, fashion bloggers and every cool kid out there; everyone seems to be obsessed with this look! Oversized tees, ugly and bold trainers, 90’s high waisted jeans, baseball caps and ugly reading glasses, this look turned everything that was wrong in the 90’s and made it cool!

So now you know what’s cool, and all the stuff that will be trending this next Spring-Summer season, which trend was your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below!

Images via Pinterest

Words Rubén Castilla de la Vega


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