These Make-Up Trends Will Make You Look Fab This 2018 Summer Season

These Make-Up Trends Will Make You Look Fab This 2018 Summer Season

There’s no doubt girls love make-up; the perfect ally when it comes to nailing 360 degrees transformations, making you go from 0 to 100 with a few mug tricks. With recent makeup trends such as contouring, highlighters and infamous lip kits (yes we’re talking to you Miss Kylie Jenner) every millennial girl out there seems to be obsessed with make up, and we totally have you covered since we came up with the ultimate make up trends for this spring and summer season, trends that if you’re a make up fan will make you go inside and run to the nearest beauty shop.

Golden Shimmer

We can totally blame Rihanna on this one, with her “Fenty Beauty” make-up line she’s been heating up the beauty world and turning it upside down, and this trend is no exception. Forget about white shimmering highlighters and say hello to gold ones for this summer, the perfect glittery touch your face needs for a good night out in town or even a day at the beach, I mean it would look sick with a good tan and wet look hair-do. Remember to keep it low-key and as simple as possible since this look can definitely be a little flashy, but nothing your pretty face couldn’t handle while partying the night out at your favorite beach destination!

Glitter Party

This one is a total 90’s throwback and one your inner child will go nuts for! Glitter is back and you should be gushing all over it! Ranging from holographic shades to monochromatic tones and all of the colors of the rainbow in between, glitter paste it’s something you’d like to try as a bold eye shadow look, you can go subtle and sophisticated with just a little touch of glitter up your eye lids or go bold and crazy with a heavy coat and rhinestones, gems or sequins to go with, perfect for a fun night out look. The only thing to keep in mind when it comes to glitter and dancing the night out is the idea that the bolder the better things get!

Big Lashes

Inspired by 60’s ultimate Model Twiggy or your favorite Rupaul’s Drag Race Queen, eyelashes are a defining item for any beauty look. Not only do they widen your eyes but they also give them that perfect spring sultry touch you’re looking for! We’ve seen this trend all over the runways and top-notch make up artists are pairing witchy, spidery lashes to neutral fresh faces. While this is definitely not an everyday look it could be a great clubbish look for you to try, you’ll end up feeling like a 60s It-Girl!


This season you will see metallic shades in all kinds of make up types, from matte metallic lipsticks, to eye shadow and nail polish, this trend is without a doubt one of the more mainstream ones but one that is really suitable for all types of skin. As always you can be as playful and bold as you want making you look like straight out Studio 54 with the help of frosted and glittery products or a little bit more subtle with a light shade of glimmery creams over your eyelids or cheekbones paired to a natural looking gloss.

Upside Down Eyeliner

Pretty much all your favorite celebrities have worn this look, from Margot Robbie to Janelle Monae and Shay Mitchell, a-list stars seem to be obsessed with this make-up trick and we kind of know why; It’s a fun and fresh take on your regular day to day eyeliner, and the best part of it is you don’t need to be a professional make up artist to achieve this look, just pick your favorite color eyeliner in a vibrant shade and draw your bottom lash line, you will end up adding a flashy pop of color that everyone will be talking about.

Are you willing to ride this make-up trend bandwagon? Which is your favorite trend out of all? Let us know in the comment section.

Words: Rubén Castilla de la Vega
Images via Pinterest




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