Coolest cities to visit this Summer 2018!

Coolest cities to visit this Summer 2018!

Traveling is one of the most exciting things to do in life, and once you get to the stage of seeing what the world and other cultures have to offer you get to a point of no return. Besides of being an opportunity to find and discover who you really are, travelling really changes your view of the world, the reality you live in, and serves as a true source of inspiration thanks to the different scenery and cultures involved. 2018 seems interesting and exhilarating as far as traveling so we’ve came up with a little traveling guide of some of the coolest places to go to this year, for all those wanderlust freaks out there!

Guanajuato, México

Located in the heart of México, Guanajuato is a color infused little city with big historical and cultural value, so colorful that it even served as inspiration for Disney’s Pixar ultimate day of the dead movie “Coco”. Bright colorful houses, churches covered in ornaments, and beautiful little squares come alive on top of the beautiful valley where the city has been built up. Home of a big arts and music festival “Festival Cervantino” Guanajuato is also a great place for drooling over Mexican delicacies and taking those gagging Insta pics you’re dying to post all over your social media accounts, and corroborate that everything is hotter in México!

Antwerp, Belgium

Home of high-class art, design and architecture, Antwerp is one of Europe’s best-kept secrets and a place you have to check with your own eyes. In 2018 Antwerp will be even more exciting thanks to modern architecture and design mixing with Rubens (one of the city’s most famous residents) art heritage during this year edition of the Antwerp Baroque festival full of exhibitions, walk-throughs and theatrical and musical events that will surprise all art enthusiasts! There’s a little something for everyone out there, a wild nightlife full of exciting bars, amazing city landscapes and farm to table venues for all foodies out there!

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires capital city of Argentina will be bursting with excitement this 2018 thanks to numerous events that will happen all around the year. Between being home of the Youth Olympics Games, and hosting it’s own Art Basel, Buenos Aires is ready to wow people from all over the world with it’s beautiful streets, architecture culture and art offerings. As one of Latin America prettiest and most interesting cities, the options are endless; from trendy neighborhoods full of hip restaurants and stores to new and improved parks and sport venues built specially for the Olympic Games there’s a treat waiting for all traveling lovers with a flare for tango and Latin thrills.

Marrakech, Morocco

Ugh, this is one is pure eye candy! As the epicenter and home of arts and bohemia during the 1960’s Everyone from Yves Saint Laurent to The Rolling Stones seem to be totally obsessed with the streets and flavor of Marrakesh. With a big catalogue of things to see and do, the city has been re-freshed with the opening of the YSL museum next to the beautiful and stylish Jardin Majorelle refurnished non other than by Mr. Saint Laurent. Full of Insta-worthy hotels and natural desert landscapes worth to die for, Marrakesh is definitely a hot spot for those looking for the perfect mix of bohemia style and nature!


With a recent luxury hotel boom, perfect beaches and gorgeous scenery it’s no secret Bali is you ultimate heaven on earth holiday destination. Indonesia’s most precious island do not only offers great beaches to lay around and sunbath all day, but it also offers a huge gastronomical buzzing scene, with tons of high cuisine restaurants to go to as well as festivals like “The Ubud Food Festival” that showcases the best of the best Indonesian dishes through different events, cook offs, conferences and parties. Celebrities like Justin Bieber, the Beckhams and Paris Hilton love this paradise get away, so what are you waiting for? Who knows maybe you’ll bump into the Biebs on your next Bali trip.

Which places you’ll be visiting this year? They didn’t make our mini traveling guide? Let us know in the comments section!

Words: Rubén Castilla de la Vega
Images via Pinterest

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