2018 Stylish Suave Men's Accessories You Can't Travel Without

2018 Stylish Suave Men's Accessories You Can't Travel Without

A lot of guys could live all of their lives with just a pair of jeans and their favorite old worn out backpack, there’s another group of trendier fashion conscious dudes that like to follow fashion trends and stay on the stylish side of life.

Whether you’re a super square dude or a fashionista kind of guy you will always be exposed to accessories trends, consciously or even unconsciously you’ll see them everywhere around you while out on a shopping spree or even during a fun day around town. So come on don’t be a fashion Grinch and read this list we’ve came up with for you to know all of the accessories that will be trending this Spring Summer season!

1. Fanny Packs

Straight out of your worst 90’s fashion nightmare fanny packs are the latest hot thing fashionistas have been sporting all around the world, a great alternative to a bit and uncomfortable backpack, fanny packs are great for a busy day around town doing errands, you’ll be able to fit your everyday essentials such as cellphone wallet and a pair of earplugs without having to carry a big ass bag. As one of the key items of he Dadcore trend, fanny packs will add a little bit of swag and style to any dressy or casual look you come up with, making you look even cooler than your dad, uncle or grandpa!

2. Bucket Hats

Hats are definitely not for everyone, it takes tons of courage and a big attitude to sport them without looking cheesy or making a fool out of yourself, buckets hats can be a great example of this! Adored and popularized by the likes of RUN DMC and other rappers and Hip Hop stars during the 80s but also by TV Icons such as Gilligan from Gilligan’s Island, 2018 seems to be the year of the bucket hat. Appearing for the first time during the 1940’s over the Israeli defense troop soldier heads, the bucket hat has gain street wear credibility during recent times, adding the perfect amount of swag to any urban or sports related look.

3. Seatbelts

Off-white may be the one to blame for this hipster trend, and we actually thank the edgy fashion house for this since we love the whole yellow airplane seatbelt as a modern twist of the 90’s two closures fabric belts. From cult street wear brands to mass market this 90’s nostalgia item is making it’s comeback into our closets and with a big range of options to choose from; from cheesy rainbow ones, to extra long ones and bold primary colored ones, there’s pretty much one for every fashion addicted out there.

4. Socks+Sandals Combo

A big fashion don’t and a styling combo that will make you turn heads (probably for all the wrong reasons lol), sandals paired with socks are something straight out from conventional fashion hell, but nothing a wild fashion freak couldn’t be able to pull off. While this styling trick may sound odd and perhaps tacky, it’s actually a pretty cool look anyone that likes to have fun with fashion can achieve, the only tick is to keep it simple with a basic denim look, in order to highlight the oddity of the socks; from plain white to a colorful rainbow, it all depends on how brave and bold your fashion persona is. Give it a try you will sure have a blast!

5. Baseball Caps

Baseball caps are an all time favorite of dad and baseball fans all around the world, but thanks to the street-wear all things 90’s revival, baseball caps are being worn by every cool kid you can think of, from Justin Bieber to Tyga and of course Kanye, baseball dad caps are everything you’ll want to wear this Spring; easy, stylish and with a little dorky touch, these can be worn with pretty much anything you can think of, from a simple jeans and t shirt look to a more stylish suit outfit, the possibilities are endless and super fun!

 Which trend is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section!

Words: Rubén Castilla de la Vega
Images via Pinterest

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